Her beauty is a cruel illusion. She doesn’t love you. She wants everything you have. You climb, crawl, and grovel at her feet. She gives you nothing and takes everything. A few moments of pleasure are exchanged for your soul. Gladly you pay. Willingly you give her what once was mine. I crave it while she squanders it. I watch you slip away. I beg you to stay. In vain I offer love, shelter, comfort, and the promise of a new life. Nothing matters. Everything I have means nothing to you. My light is lost somewhere in the shadow of her deception. My heart breaks. You tell me you’ll come back. I wait. I try to help you break free, but every day you chase her with more intensity. She laughs at you. She watches your life crumble at her expense, but feels no shame. She is free of empathy and full of greed. I love you. She never will. But you’re too immersed in her to care. I see your beauty. She sees nothing. And you see nothing but her. My heart is open. My arms are open. My life is open to you. But none of it matters. I can’t permeate your veins like she does. And so I am nothing. 


2 thoughts on “Her

  1. Wow. I’ve read a few of your posts now and I’m fairly sure you crawled in my brain. Thank you for putting such eloquent words to my feelings. Hugs.

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